Temporary Recruitment

Temporary Recruitment

We at IHRS understand a company’s need for hiring temporary staffing solutions. This may be due to expanding business needs and requirements. Temporary staffing helps in meeting seasonal needs and needs that in future may not turn permanent. It helps both the employer and the client to meet their needs. And to become flexible and adjust to ever-changing conditions accordingly.

Such measures require careful selection to ensure that the right individual meets the required business need. It also helps the company to invest their time, energy, and money in the right direction.

No matter what your requirement is, we at Imperial HR Solutions will help find a flexible and profitable solution to your staffing needs. With our experts at hand, we assess each client’s needs carefully and offer them candidates that surpass their expectations.

Whereas as a potential candidate you can always trust us with getting a job that meets your terms and needs. Now get the best paying job as per your profile with a company that will invest in your growth. We meet both the employer/employee’s following recruitment needs:

  • Short term
  • Medium-term
  • Long term

Further, if an employer wishes to convert their temporary employee into a permanent employee, IHRS can assist in the same.

Be it immediate placement requirement or a scheduled appointment, our ’employee talent pool’ is carefully selected, screened, evaluated, and matched to client profile. Our ‘talent pool’ can easily transition to our client’s company to make sure the company’s productivity and growth patterns continue to grow higher and get a boost.

Let the experts take the stress to fill up your temporary positions. In our 10 years of experience, our high client satisfaction rate speaks for itself, the quality of services, we can offer you.



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